Fleetwood Golf Club

Open: 9 Hole Links Challenge (Q) - Men's White, Women's Red.

Thursday 24th June 2021, White & Red Tees, Fleetwood - Front 9 Handicap Qualifying

(95% handicap allowance)

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Fleetwood. 

Prizes are for the top 5 players. You will be contacted directly within the next 7 days by our Finance Team with details how to claim. 

We look forward to seeing you again soon at one of our future events. 

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Results Pointsx
1stOliver Alderson(11) 23
2ndBen Riches(7) 22
3rdIan Ogden(7) Poulton-le-Fylde Golf Club 20
4thIan Drayton(7) 19
5thTony Cawdell(4) Lytham Green Drive Golf Club 19
6thScott Millward(10) Knott End 18
7thPaul Bartle(6) Regent Park 18
8thDave Stoddard(8) Knott End 17
9thJason Alderson(7) 17
10thScott Gardner(2) 17
11thStephen Ramsdale(9) St Annes Old Links 16
12thNorman Guy(7) Dunscar 16
13thBrenda Jolley(10) 16
14thKath Wright(15) 16
15thScott Richardson(5) 16
16thAlastair Riches(1) 16
17thJack Drayton(4) 16
18thGareth Arnison(4) Bury 15
19thCliff Nelson(11) Dunscar 15
20thMark Powell(8) Herons' Reach Golf Club 14
21stJohn Robinson(9) 14
22ndJames Bamford(3) 14
23rdPeter Appleby(10) Styal 13
24thJames O'Toole(3) 13
25thRoy Robinson(6) 13
26thBen Ramsdale(17) 12
27thKath Crompton(8) 12
28thGary Richardson(8) 12
29thDominic Gardner(14) 12
30thTony Bagnall(6) 11
31stJill Davidson(10) 9
32ndFinn Cawdell(14) Lytham Green Drive Golf Club 8
33rdJohn McKenna(10) Regent Park 6

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