Fleetwood Golf Club

Open: The Cryer Trophy - Men's Singles Strokeplay (Q)

Saturday 19th June 2021, White Tees, Fleetwood

(95% handicap allowance)

We hope everyone enjoyed their visit to Fleetwood. 
Prizes are for the top 5 players. You will be contacted directly next week by our Finance Team with details how to claim your vouchers. 

Download Away Letter View Statistics for this Competition Twos Report

1st John Walker(9) 66
2nd Tommy Gorst(16) 67
3rd Brian Geddes(10) 68
4th Daniel Bladen(10) 68
5th Marc Campbell(7)  Bury69
6th Hayden McIver(4) 69
7th steve wells(10)  Sale69
8th Graham Ashton(15)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club69
9th Jim Forrest(17) 70
10th Neil Croston(4) 70
11th John Oxley(9) 71
12th Stephen Hughes(4)  Bramhall71
13th David Warren(7) 71
14th John Brown(12) 71
15th Nikky Jonas(16) 71
16th Jack Drayton(8) 72
17th Jimmy Newell(14)  Wilpshire72
18th Wayne Wilkinson(18) 72
19th Jim Lydon(12) 72
20th Mark Colebourne(7)  Accrington & District Golf Club72
21st Ben Goulding(3)  The Tytherington Club72
22nd John P Uren(10)  Huddersfield72
23rd Martyn Sweeney(15) 72
24th Darryl McIver(10) 72
25th Neil Riches(3) 72
26th Alberto Romero(1)  73
27th Mark Smith(11) 73
28th Stephen Ellis(15)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club73
29th Adam Browne(7) 73
30th Nick Beenham(14) 73
31st Robin Rawcliffe(19) 73
32nd Neil Giles(7) 73
33rd Nicholas Tugwell(3)  Shaw Hill74
34th Tony Baxter(16)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club74
35th Daniel Keegan(14) 74
36th Will Cooper(4) 74
37th Corralis Delaney(6)  Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club74
38th Jack Sperrin(11) 75
39th Chris Perkin(12) 75
40th Jeff Moulton(9) 75
41st Mark Redman(13) 75
42nd Daniel Foster(6) 75
43rd Ian Bradshaw(14) 75
44th Mike Hoole(7) 75
45th Mike Lovell(12) 75
46th John A Wilson(6) 76
47th Bill Rawcliffe(14) 76
48th Bill Spence(19) 76
49th Dave Cox(14) 76
50th Ben Riches(12) 76
51st Geoff Davidson(13) 77
52nd Marcus Naylor(11) 77
53rd Tom Kelly(7)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club77
54th Paul Radcliffe(7)  Ashton-under-Lyne78
55th Paul Heaton(11) 78
56th Peter Short(13) 78
57th Steve Garrett(19) 78
58th ian davies(10)  Southport Old Links78
59th Graham Hall(21) 78
60th Kevin Harris(16) 78
61st Andrew Stirling(10) 79
62nd Michael Goldspink(9) 79
63rd John Saunders(10)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club79
64th Darren Sharkey(15)  Ashton-under-Lyne79
65th Peter Dugdale(7)  Houghwood79
66th Dave Southern(5) 79
67th Stephen Brown(15)  Wilpshire80
68th Neil Barlow(24)  Dean Wood80
69th Richard Green(23)  Blackpool North Shore80
70th Ross Hardie(11) 80
71st Duncan Woodhead(17) 80
72nd Stan Airey(21) 80
73rd Colin Stoney(17) 80
74th William Smith(8) 80
75th Dylan Williams(3) 80
76th Andrew Hurley(9) 81
77th Benjamin Churchill(-1) 81
78th Alan Watson(17) 81
79th Bob Connelly(14) 81
80th Tony Bagnall(10) 81
81st Paul Wilson(11) 82
82nd Jim Irvine(11) 82
83rd Geoff Coulborn(11) 82
84th Martin Rayner(7)  Bury82
85th Roy Robinson(10) 83
86th Andy Blakeney(16) 83
87th Alan Crane(19) 83
88th Tom Meek(16)  84
89th Gerry Statham(26) 85
90th Roy Stephenson(15) 85
91st Phillip Robinson(11)  Gathurst85
92nd Tim Gilmartin(13) 85
93rd Roy Clayton(19) 86
94th Anthony Smith(13) 87
95th Jim Gregson(14) NR
96th John Haines(16)  Duxbury ParkNR
97th Kevin Gerrard(10) NR
98th Payton Berry(3)  HoughwoodNR
99th Fraser Sidebottom(8)  Ashton-under-LyneNR
100th Robert Potter(8)  SaleNR
101st Alan Armstrong(10) NR
102nd Stuart Clarke(15) NR
103rd VINCENT RYAN(17)  Concord ParkNR
104th Dave Simpson(3)  St Annes Old LinksNR
105th Paul Allison(22)  Lowes ParkNR
106th Neil Sinkinson(23)  Lytham Green Drive Golf ClubNR
107th Pete Dingle(16) NR
108th David Waterworth(15) NR
109th Dave Allen(9) NR
110th Chris Smith(10) NR
111th Jack O'Brien(3)  HoughwoodNR
112th Martyn Aspinall(18) NR
113th Guy Trangmar(9)  Lytham Green Drive Golf ClubNR
114th J Howard(15)  Duxbury ParkNR
115th Dave Bradshaw(8)  Hart CommonNR
116th Glenn allan Shiel(15)  RochdaleNR
117th Mark Woodward(10)  Pike FoldNR
118th Stewart Green(16)  Hart CommonNR
119th Jordan Pinder(4) NR
120th Ian Cadman(21) NR
121st Craig Watson(22) NR
122nd John Bryan(20)  WiganNR
123rd Kenneth Dalziel(21)  DQno card
124th Adam Swindells(21)  Baxenden & DistrictDQno card
125th Ben Brierley(19)  Baxenden & DistrictDQno card
126th Harry Weaver(15) DQno show
127th Kieren Heron(14) DQno card
128th Craig Coulton(11)  LeylandDQno card
129th Cainan Brookes(10)  Blackpool North ShoreDQno show
130th Andrew Woodruff(10)  LeylandDQno card

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